Vallikkatt has one of the best condom dipping plants which is 38 meter in length, 1.5 meter in width with a production capacity of 9600 pieces per hour. It has automated former washing system, automatic beading system, infrared heating or bio fuel heat ex changer hot air heating system and automatic level control. Utilities saving systems automatic striping with water jet or double brushes. The machine records all production and data by PC.


Vallikkatt successfully developed high voltage dry electronic testing machine for condoms of thin spots and pin holes that roll them up and sort them to good and rejected. The machine can test 76-88 pieces per minute at a test voltage of 900-3000v, provided with chrome plated test mandrels at a power supply of 230-400v, 50Hzmotor load 8 KW.  Speed of machine is mechanically adjustable in a software and interface connected to a PC for data recording.


Vallikkatt manufactures condom foil sealing machine with three line square sealing at a time and a symmetrical automatic bowl feeder with outer dimensions 2000x1000x1500 mm. It also incorporates a capacity of 120-125 pieces per minute and a programmable 2 in 1 cutting system with zigzag perforation.

The additional features include no product sensor to avoid empty packet sealing. The sealing temperature interlock system also provide silicone oil detection system or no lubricant alarm and an eye mark system by servo motor for top and bottom foil.

Another feature is the traveler for online printing by ink jet printer, controlled by servo motor but without an inkjet.

Electronic Testing Machines for Condoms

Foil Sealing Machine